AG300 200W 3-Way Acoustic Guitar Amp with Digital Effects


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The AG300 Acoustic Guitar Amp with Digital Effects offers state-of-the art performance for the serious acoustic artist. Matching the aesthetic of your acoustic instrument, the rich natural tones are delivered from our larger, yet still compact 3-way acoustic amplifier, featuring a horn loaded 12", 6.5" and titanium tweeter. The bigger sound from the horn loaded 12" provides 3dB more output over the AG200, while maintaining its crystal-clear highs, sweet mids and broader bass range. The deep bass performance is designed for all bass instruments, including the cello and upright bass. The high headroom 200w internal amp (250w with 8 ohm extension) becomes even a greater advantage when amplifying bass instruments, from which the high power maintains the integrity of your sound from 3 channels. So whether you’re using nylon, steel, gut, silver or silk-wound strings that are picked, plucked, strummed or bowed, the true fidelity of your instrument is faithfully reproduced. Add the lush ambient effects to the high string definition and you’ll get a sound that’s naturally pleasing to the ear. The light weight, premium features and rugged construction, including the exclusive "lock-in" AC cord, will make the AG300 an even greater asset, considering its ability to amplify bass instruments. 


The rich brown finish compliments the acoustic decor and the solid multi-ply enclosure is strong, while maintaining its compact size. The horn loaded 12”, which is angled to the floor, adds to the bass performance while reducing the overall height of the enclosure, keeping it compact and light weight, weighing in at only 31 lbs. The resonant-free construction offers solid performance, which adds depth to all instruments. The standard finish is Brown Marvelon (as pictured), but is available in other colors on special order. 

3 Full Featured Channels 

Each channel offers the flexibility of XLR inputs, plus instrument inputs. Channel 1 and 2 inputs are specifically designed to work equally well with piezo or magnetic pickups, and feature a HI-Z impedance switch to bring out the full tonal range of passive pickups. A GAIN switch matches low sensitivity pickups. The +48V phantom power switches on Channels 1 & 2 eliminating external power supplies required for condenser mics, active pickups or active direct boxes. Channel 3 may be used to mic an instrument or vocals, and the 1/8" jack serves as an input for your MP3 music source. A convenient USB charging port keeps your player going without having to worry about the battery in your portable device. 

3 Band EQ & Feedback Control 

Each channel incorporates their own active LO & HI (bass & treble) controls designed for natural sounding, powerful tone shaping. Channels 1 and 2 also feature MID Parametric EQs with a frequency sweep control that’s most effective for acoustic instruments. The boost/cut level controls permit broad mid shaping. The powerful cutting ability of the MID Parametric EQ extends control over acoustic feedback by using the sweepable FREQ filter. 

Dual Effects plus Effect Loop 

The onboard dual DSPs offer lush effects for each channel featuring echo delay, reverb and chorus. Each channel has its own two-way level control allowing you to select Effect 1 or 2. The Master Effect 1 & 2 controls select the effect type, adjust time, decay, regeneration and speed settings with separate level controls for blending effects 1 & 2 into the overall mix. The FS22 footswitch jack allows you to switch either effect on and off remotely. The external Effect Loop SEND & RETURN jacks are an added feature for other outboard processors. 

Direct Output & Tuner/Phones jack 

For bigger stages your soundman will the love the DIRECT OUT with LEVEL control and XLR balanced output for connecting directly to the house PA or recording interface without having to mic the amp. The DIRECT OUT includes the EQs and EFFECTS LOOP and bypasses the MASTER LEVEL, enabling amp level changes on stage without affecting the XLR output. The TUNER/PHONES jack enables instrument tuning or personal monitoring with headphones on loud stages or for quiet practice. 


In addition to amplifying bass instruments, the AG300 also functions as a portable PA system thanks to its three-channel architecture, phantom-powered mic input, USB charging port and high power output. Sing and play guitar with backing tracks through one convenient amplifier with impressive power and tone. 


- Light weight, compact design
- 200w output (250w at 4 ohms)
- 3-way 12", 6.5" midrange and tweeter
- Designed for bass instruments
- 3 Channels: 2 Inst piezo/magnetic inputs, mic/inst inputs
- 1/8" jack Stereo input
- 3 balanced XLR inputs - one for each channel
- Hi-Z input switch
- Input gain switch
- True 48V phantom power (for condenser mics)
- Active LO & HI tone controls for each CH
- Parametric EQs on Channels 1 & 2
- Resonant-style midrange filter for feedback control
- Parametric EQ deep cut allows control over acoustic feedback
- Dual DSP - echo, reverb & chorus
- Effects 1 or 2 for each CH, optional FS22 footswitch controlled
- Master Level controls the overall level, excludes Direct Out
- Master Effects Loop
- DI Direct Out XLR with level control
- Tuner/Headphone output
- External Speaker jack for 8 ohm load
- Pole mount for commercially available speaker stands
- Exclusive "lock-in" AC cord prevents accidental disconnect
- Designed and manufactured by Carvin in the USA

- OUTPUT POWER: 8 Ohms: 200w, 4 Ohms: 250w 
- FREQUENCY RESPONSE: +/- 1 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz amplifier section
- FREQUENCY RESPONSE:  55 Hz - 18 kHz speaker section
- Low Freq Driver: 12-inch driver
- Mid Freq Driver: 6.5-inch driver
- High Freq Driver: Titanium 1" horn driver
- internal total speaker impedance: 8 ohm 300Watts
- OUTPUT MODE: 94% efficiency CLASS D technology 
- POWER SUPPLY: high frequency switching
- INPUT IMPEDANCE: CH1 & CH2: >100K ohms or >500K ohms (switched)
- PHANTOM POWER: +48V (Ch. 1 & 2)
- GAIN SWITCH: +10 dB - accommodates all pickups (Ch. 1 & 2)
- LO & HI TONE CONTROLS: +/-12 dB at 70 Hz & +/-12 dB at 8.5kHz
- MID Parametric: +/- 15 dB sweepable 100 to 2kHz
- AMP LIMITER: built-in to the help prevent clipping 
- DIRECT OUT: adjustable OFF to +4dBu, DC isolated XLR bal output, 100ohm ground lifted
- EFFECTS LOOP: -10dBV, buffered
- FS22 FOOTSWITCH: EFF 1 & EFF 2 on/off
- PROTECTION: speakers, over current, under voltage, thermal
- AC VOLTAGE: 90-250V, 50-60 Hz - Power Requirements: 100VA
- CIRCUIT BOARDS are MIL SPEC, double sided, FR-4 glass epoxy
- DIMENSIONS: 18.5" high x 12" deep x 17" wide (470 x 305 x 432mm)
- NET WEIGHT: 30.5 lbs. net (11.4 kgs)
- WARRANTY: 1 year parts and labor

Vernon Batty- Pagosa Springs,CO
The AG300 replicates the sound quality of my Taylor 814 acoustic very well. The projection is perfect for small venues without having to go large. I've run a passive bass guitar through it and get a punchy tone from it. Micing a harmonica comes through perfectly. The AG300 is exactly what I've come to expect from Carvin Audio products. Sturdy, attractive and simple to use.I’ve been a Carvin customer since 1981 and still use my X-30 guitar amp.

Barry J. Collins - Roswell, GA
"Sounds great, first chord I was very impressed a little dial turning and I found my sound."]


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